Introduction to Health

Open Educational Resources Textbook

For Students

Welcome Students!

This Open Educational Resources textbook was developed specifically for students! It is estimated that textbook costs have increased 700% since 1980- WOW! This OER book takes away the financial burden of publisher textbooks and reduces just one of the many barriers and challenges students face to completing their education.

For Teachers

Welcome Teachers!

Although this book was created to benefit our students, Open Educational Resources also have many benefits for our teachers as well. By choosing OER, you are choosing to free yourself from the publisher and utilize materials freely available to meet your course outcomes.

About the Author- Kelly Falcone

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in meaningful learning experiences where they leave feeling empowered, appreciative, energized, enlightened, and connected with others. I want to remove as many barriers as possible, thus I am committed to freely sharing what I create with others.

In 2017 I took my first steps into OER and adapted an OER Health textbook. I have never looked back and do not miss using a publisher book. Using OER means all of my students have equal access to the textbook and thus can each participate fully in my class.

In July 2022 I completed the new version of the Intro to Health OER Textbook which is now available through Pressbooks.

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