Hello Teachers!

I am so glad you have chosen to utilize this OER book with your students.

My goal for this website is to connect teachers who are utilizing this book in hopes that we can work together to provide resources and share our best practices. I know as a community of Health teachers, we can have an immensely positive impact on the learning experience for our students when we share our successful instructional strategies, resources, and best practices.

You will notice I use a CC-BY-SA license on the work I have created. I believe in the power of sharing and thus I will share with you everything I have created and I welcome you to take it, make it your own, and then re-share what you have done! If you are not familiar with Creative Commons Licenses, please take a moment to review the different options and expectations for the various licenses.

NOTICE- NEW 2022 version is now available!

*NEW* Intro to Health OER Textbook

  • The new book is developed using Pressbooks. There are two main sections: 1.) The content chapters, 2.) Continued learning using videos that relate to the chapter.

  • The book has some interactive knowledge checks embedded throughout.

  • Intro to Health OER Textbook URL: https://pressbooks.pub/introtohealth/

You can still access/use the original 2017 version:

Access and Share Textbook Ancillaries

Although I love OER, one challenge I have had, and I know others have, is knowing when there are new versions or new resources available. I have created a private Google Group for teachers to join who are using the textbook. This group provides a space for teachers to share resources and best practices, along with a place for me to provide information about updates. If you are a teacher and would like to join our teacher google group to share resources and best practices please submit your information and you will be added to the group.

As a member of the group you will get access to:

  • A Canvas Course Shell

  • Syllabus Template

  • Google Slide Chapter Presentations

  • Test banks

  • Chapter images

  • Chapter Intro Videos

You can also share the materials you have created!